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High Quality F-theta Lens.

Galvanometer scanning system to adopt new technology, new material, new working principle design and production.

High Speed Galvanometer.

A wide selectivity of operating wavelengths, low amplitude noise, high stability and long lifetime

Lifting Handle(manual or motorized)

Can adjust the distance between the marking head and the object, make the marking easily. The standard distance of the elevating is 50cm, it can be customized.

Control Panel

Humanized control system, the new dust drop plug design. Control system is in English/Spanish, very easy to learn and operate, can be used offline


Please advise us following inforamtion to recommend you most suitable machine:

1.What's kind of material do you want to mark? Metal parts or non-metal materials?

2. What's the max working area do you need? We can provide you with 110*110mm, 175*175mm, and 220*220mm, 300*300mm, or customized as your demand.

3. What is the maximum thickness?

4. What is the maximum dimension of your materials ?

According to your above information,we'll recommend the most suitable machine to you.

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