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MOPA Laser Marking Machine

Meet the Best China MOPA Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Hispeed laser is known for being the best MOPA laser marking machine supplier and manufacturer in the industry. Metal products in our lives are widely used. Like kitchenware, vehicles, we also use a telephone, etc. Producing MOPA laser marking machine, it has wide use throughout these metal goods. As we know, MOPA fiber laser marking machine can mark metal, but typically it can only mark metal black or white.

Features of China MOPA Laser Marking Machine

• The information display will focus on labeling information, which is very small and comes with a friendly guide.

• China MOPA laser marking machine comes with fantastic quality, high-level energy, reliable laser fiber, fast optical galvanometer accuracy, and industry-leading application software.

• Compact framework, strong, compact, small, simple interface, versatile and customizable direction of operation, free power. 

• Can print numbers, letters, Chinese words, signs, graphs, pictures, serial numbers, two-dimensional codes, unique bar codes, lot number, write code, date of delivery, date of validation, any personality-creative words.

• Implements smart laser dot matrix coding design, by means of program modification: Lattice space distance parameters, fiber laser power size, and laser time duration. MOPA fiber laser marking machine is needed in all kinds of industries.

• As being a reliable MOPA laser marking machine supplier, our machines are easy to manage.

• MOPA laser marking machine manufacturer the machine that adopts the modern design system has no consumption components, improves the self-diagnostic system, and saves time, effort, and worry.

Demandable MOPA Laser Marking Machine Supplier in Market

As a well-known China MOPA laser marking machine manufacturer and supplier in the market, we provide the best quality and reliable MOPA fiber laser marking machine to our customers. It is our priority to check the quality of machines, and they don’t contain any faults or damages. Hurry-up, get your hands on it! 

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