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Four Most Widely Adopted Laser Marking Processes!

Laser marking is one of the most common processes that have been employed in the manufacturing processes. If your company is also looking to find services to imprint their logos and trademarks on their products. Laser marking technology is one of the many advancements that came with significant types. Each type of laser is associated with distinct benefits and disadvantages.

In this blog, we would discuss 4 types of laser marking machines that are most widely used globally.

1. Foaming laser marking process

2. Carbon migration laser marking process

3. Annealing laser marking process

4. Coloration laser marking process


Foaming laser marking process

This process is most widely used for marking on keyboards, ink cartridges, and cosmetic packaging. The change in colors is generated via the foaming process and manipulation of foamed bubbles. It has the following points to be considered:

1. It can be applied to plastics

2. The material is melted and forms light bubbles

3. It produces light and smooth marks


Carbon migration laser marking process

This process can be used extensively with steel, carbide, titanium, and stainless steel. It is essential to know that this method can only be applied to the materials with carbon in them. Following are the key points which can be considered:

1. It produces dark marks as heat is applied

2. The carbon application migrates to the surface because of heat application

3. It can only be used for metal alloys and metals


Annealing laser marking process

There are some essential points that you must realize while considering this process. A manufacturer of portable laser marking machine recommends this one to be used with titanium, steel, stainless steel, and iron. The following are to be considered while employing this process:

1. It is a slower and more focused process of the laser machine

2. It resulted in a wide variety of colors because of oxidization

3. It can only be used on carbon-containing metals, so it was more common in the medical industry


Coloration laser marking process

It is most widely used in the industry of jewelry manufacturing, decoration on cattle, and bottles. Coloration is done by generating waves that primarily range from infrared to ultraviolet. It has the following points which need to be taken care of:

1. It can be used with plastics as well as metals

2. Color results are different on different colored materials as it also follows oxidization

3. Distinct contrast is created for white and black materials.

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